Monday, July 6, 2009

So this is what insomnia does to a person...

I attempted to start a blog last year sometime. And failed miserably as evident by my single post. I'm starting again with three goals:

1.) I hope this is a good tool to hold me accountable for meeting my running goals. (What? No, I didn't just bail on my friend for 5 a.m. running because I can't function on 3 hours of sleep. Psh, don't be ridiculous. *shifty eyes*)

I started running (jogging, trudging, plodding, dragging - call it what you will) from ground zero three and a half months ago and it's been a tough road. I have absolute zero natural athletic abilities. ZERO. And I think that's part of the reason running is so incredibly difficult for me mentally and physically. I started the Couch to 5k program with a good friend and patient soul, bless her, but that 9 week program was not meant to be. Said patient soul has come up with a new and revised plan to get there by September. It's frustrating and embarrassing that what so many people can, if not easily, accomplish seems virtually impossible to me. THREE MONTHS LATER. Dammit, I was supposed to be done four or five weeks ago!


That said, I have lost weight and I do feel good about what I've accomplished. Obviously, I have a love/hate relationship with running.

2.) I've fallen more in love with cooking and baking over the last year and would love a place to share my triumphs in the kitchen. I recently made my first cake from scratch and my next goals include soft pretzels (active yeast! yikes!) and risotto this week.

Yes, I do realize that my love for Goal Two makes me hate Goal One even more because I do not see the weight loss results that may occur by omitting cake, pretzels, and risotto.

I try to balance out said goodies by eating normal, healthy, and balanced meals 90% of the time.

Okay, 85%.

3.) I've come a long way in transforming our former-fraternity house, but still have a ways to go and would like to be able to look back on all of the progress that I've made to motivate me to keep going.

I have a good life, a good husband, and a good job. I'm just trying to take advantage of all the goodness as much as possible!


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  1. I think most people have a love/hate relationship with running... I know I do. I mean, I only re-named my blog after it.